Collecting Horsehair

  • Use tail hair.  Mane hair tends to be very fine and difficult to work with and isn't always compatible with my jewelry designs.

          I will use mane hair but it is not recommended to wear some mane hair jewelry. Mane hair works great for tassels.

  • Find a longer lock of hair and lift it away from the rest of the tail.  Try not to include the shorter hairs.

  • Cut close to the tail bone.  Cut the longest hairs from different places so you don't have a big chunk missing in one spot

  • Ideal amount of hair should be about the diameter of a pencil when squeezed tightly. 

  • For a bracelet I need about 16 inches long.  Necklaces need to be about 10 inches longer than the finished product you want. 

          For hair that is a little too short, I can make it a multiple part necklace or join a seam inside a bead. Any amount of hair can be made
          into a bracelet or necklace but less than ideal is subject to price difference.

  • Bind hair bundle with a rubber band or hair tie and loosely coil in a ziplock bag. Include how you want your jewelry made and payment.
  • Label with your name and phone number. 
  • Not all of the hair you trim will be useable.  Let me know if you want any unused hair returned. 
  • The shorter hairs that are sorted out will not be returned.
  • Mail hair and description of how you want your jewelry made along with payment to:

          Licky Dog Farm, 33369 40th Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079

I will contact you before I start your custom piece for style preferences if you don't include them with your hair.  

You're welcome to call with questions (269) 532-8915